Create FB Page Likes Campaign

Written on 19/05/2020

Create FB Page Likes Campaign
  1. Create ad campaign → Engagement →  Page likes → name campaign
  2. Ad Set Names → Select Facebook Page Likes


  1. widen your audience many continents and remove the US
  2. Choose very broad interest you can start age from 13
  3. Make sure potential reach is 100’s millions


  1. When you are charged page likes
  2. $5 a day
  3. Bid strategy is the lowest cost, set bid $0.01 or $0.02


  1. Use 6 stock images
  2. Enter text and headline start with a question à want to grow your business? We can do it for you in only 3 months! Like our page to learn more

Scaling up your bidding campaign by widen audience or increase the budget

Post Engagement Ad

Try post engagement when making the video 0.01 per engagement

English – worldwide