Written on 16/05/2020


Story: Got random call on my cell phone
• Sales Person: Hey Patrick, my name’s John and I’m calling from Velocity Solutions
• Me: “are you trying to sell me something?”
• Sales Person: Of course not. I just want to tell you about our financial products…
• The whole time I’m thinking: what is he selling, when is this going to end, and is it rude if I just hang up?
• Failed because he did not set expectations with me about what will happen on the call and what will happen at the end of the call

Setting Expectations

  • Making clear what will happen during the meeting and making an agreement about what will happen next
  • Make sure the main points of interest are covered for both sides

Dentist Example:

• Before dentist use to be terrible because they wouldn’t tell you what they were doing. You feel like you’re going to get hurt
• Now they tell you
• I’m going to put this gel on your teeth, it’s not going to hurt
• I’m going to get the cavity out, it’ll only hurt for a second
• and even at the end when you’re done, they say okay so how about we schedule another check up 6 months from

It’s better to be better at setting
expectations than being the best at
doing a dog and pony show

Be in control while giving other person
the feeling that they are in control

I’ll take a yes or no, but
I’ll never take a maybe


1. Time and Reason for the Meeting
2. Other Persons’ Expectations and Agenda
3. Your Expectations and Agenda
4. Result of Meeting
5. Obstacles

• Time and Reason for Meeting:

• Set the appropriate amount of time to cover all agenda items
• Explain the reason for the meeting and what conditions are needed to continue the business relationship
• Example: Last time we talked, we both agreed that 15 minute conversation was enough time to see if it made sense to work with each other. Does that still work for you?

• Other Persons’ Expectations and List

• Figure out what the other persons’ agenda is  – mainly they want to learn about what you are going to offer them that will help them grow their business
• Find out what their expectations are before and during the meeting
• Make it clear how you will address the other persons’ expectations and agenda
• Example: Of course, you’re going to have some questions for me and how our solutions might be able to help grow your business. And I’ll do my best to answer those questions.

Your Expectations and Agenda

• Cleary explain what you will do during the meeting
• Explain your expectations with the other person and what information you will need form them during the meeting
• Example: And naturally, I’ll have some questions for you so I can get a better understanding of your business and how we can best help you. Does that sound fair to you?

Result of Meeting

• The result of a meeting should either to continue the business relationship and move forward or to end the sales cycle
• Example: At the end of the meeting either 1 of two things will happen. The first is if we don’t see a fit to work with each other here, I want you to be comfortable with telling me “no”. And I’ll do the same for you.
• Now if there is a fit, we can spend the last 5 minutes of the meeting to plan out what the specific next steps will be? Does that sound good to you?


• Bring up your biggest fears or potential obstacles and address them head on
• Example: My biggest fear is we may not have enough time to cover everything. So if we do run out of time, is it okay if we schedule another meeting after this one if it makes sense to discuss further?