Written on 17/05/2020



There’s only 2 ways you can generally feel:
• 1) Okay- feel good about yourself
• 2) Not Okay- not feeling good about yourself

• Examples:
• Okay– Get the feeling when you’re sitting in the office of your buyer, they sign a big contract, you take it back to your office, high fives everywhere! You’re feeling okay.
• Not Okay– Let’s say you’re in the same situation, and you find out your customer bought from another competitor. (like what happened to me at Lob) you’re not okay…

How to always feel okay

• It’s all about perspective
• When something happens, it’s just a thing that happens
• Not good or bad, just a thing
• It’s up to you to determine how it will emotionally affect you. It could be a blessing or it could be a curse

Making Others Feel Okay

• Story:
• Friends who had an app agency talking with buzzwords, jargon, and was being really technical
• made the person feel stupid (even though they weren’t)

The way you make people feel okay
about themselves is to find someone
else who is more not okay than they are

• Family gatherings where they pick on the person who’s not doing the best in life. Oh she’s getting older, she
needs to get married. Or he’s not making much money, how can he support his family.

How sales people make others feel okay is:
• to give the illusion like you’re not okay on purpose to make the prospect feel more okay
• give illusion that the prospect is in total control

• Story:
• Japan asking for directions
• Tried normal, doesn’t work
• Struggled on purpose: “I need a little help.”
• you can hear it in my voice!

• Transition into sales scenario
• When I used to make cold calls: “I’m a little lost”
• Could you tell me a little more about that, I’m still trying
to get a better understanding of your business.  Let them feel they are the experts
• Help me understand

• You’re not coming off as “stupid”
• You’re just struggling on purpose
• And by making the person feel okay, you’re building rapport
• You’re putting your best foot forward to get the job done

• Asking:
• Is that fair?
• Is that okay?
• Does that sound good to you? Let them feel they are in control