Written on 16/05/2020



  • Most sales people fail because they only focus on tactics
  •  Having the right mindset will determine how successful you
    will be come


Attitude is how you feel about yourself on the inside and the mindset you have in every situation

  • How you feel about yourself on the inside and the mindset you carry in every situation
  • How you perceive yourself, your company, your marketplace, your competition, and the economy
  • Your attitude on anything can change at anytime
  • People with a strong attitude look inward not outward
  • To succeed in sales, you must be willing to fail
  • You must be mentally and emotionally tough


Behaviors are determined by your dreams, wants, needs, goals, and desires & how committed you are to them

  • Behavior are determined your dreams, wants, needs, goals, and desires & how committed you are to them
  • It’s what you do every day to grow as a person and to grow your business
  • Has to be more than just the money or you may fail
  • Never use how much business you will do as a goal
  • You may not control how much money someone takes out their wallet, but you have 100% control of your behavior


Tactics are the skills and techniques you use to execute behaviors

  • Tactics starts the moment you open your mouth
  • Your Attitude and Behavior will determine the style in how you perform your tactics
  • Raw tactics alone won’t get you to the top
  • You MUST feel good about yourself to sell successfully