Written on 17/05/2020


It is one of the most powerful techniques

Countering is when you answer a question with another question

It’s a human instinct to immediately answer a question when someone asks you one

The idea is to get the point why they are asking so you get to the pain they care about

• Customer asks “How much it is?”
• “Oh it’s only $5,000 per month”
• “Sorry but that’s just totally out of my budget. Bye!”
• “…We can lower the price..” But it’s already over

Countering Key Notes:

• Collect as much information as possible to discover the prospects’ pain
• Allows you to understand the intent behind the question (no mind reading!)
• If you’re not sure why someone asks a question, ask them
• Countering allows the salesperson to be in control
• Usually takes three or more counters to get to the real issue

Example Counters Question

• How important is that to you?
• Is that a big concern?
• If we can help you, what would be the next step?
• It seems this is really important to you, can you explain why?
• And what would you like me to do?
• When you say you’re not satisfied with our service, what do you exactly mean by that?


A softening statement is a statement you say before you counter to make the counter less harsh

Softening Statement Examples

• That’s a good point.
• That makes sense.
• I’m glad you asked that.
• I appreciate your question.
• I understand.
• I hear a lot of people say that.

Softening Statement Combined with Counters

• That’s a good question. Can you explain why this is important to you?
• That makes sense. And why is this so important to you?
• I’m glad you asked that. Let’s say we can deliver this to you in 2 weeks, what would be the next step from here?
• I appreciate your question. If you were me, what would you do?
• I understand. If we could do that for you, what would be the next step?

Question asked by Prospect Example Counters

• Your too expensive. Can you do better?• I’m not sure. Let’s say I can’t. What
happens next?
• I really like you and what you have to offer, but we really need
to get this done fast.
• I hear you. Let’s say we could meet
your deadline, what would the next steps be?
• Does your product do XYZ?• It does. Quick question, how are you
handling that right now?
• I’m really dissatisfied with your service.• I appreciate you telling me that. Now 
when you say unhappy, what exactly
do you mean?


• Most novice sales people try to close too soon
• ABC of always be closing is dead.
• Imagine if you’re a guy and you meet a girl and she says she likes you. If you say, hey do you want to get married and have kids might totally freak her out.
• To stand out, you must do the opposite of what the prospect expects. When others zig you zag.

Negative Countering is behaving
opposite to what people expect

Handling a Positive Prospect

ProspectYour Response
I’ll buy it right now! How fast can you get this to me?Hey I’m not sure we’ll be able to deliver this so quickly.
What’s your time frame.
I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. It looks amazing!I’m honestly a bit surprised. I didn’t think we were there yet.
How did you get to that conclusion?

Handling a Neutral Prospect

ProspectYour Response
• Let me think about this.Sounds like we might have missed something
I’m not sure if this is what we’re looking for.Seems like we’re both wasting our time here, huh?

Handling a Negative Prospect

Prospect Your Response
We already have a distributor.I’m sure they do a great job and you probably would never
consider another distributor.
We’ve had a terrible experience with you and your
Looks like there’s nothing we can do to get you to love us
again. I guess we’re both wasting our time here.

Always go negative. Let the prospect close themselves.

You’ll know when its closed when they tell you