Select Your Automated Bid Strategy

Written on 18/05/2020

Select Your Automated Bid Strategy

How to choose your automated bidding strategy

You set the automated bidding strategy in Google Ads that best serves your primary campaign goal.

Ad clicks

Maximize clicks automatically sets your bids to help get as many clicks as possible within your budget. It can increase site visits and increase clicks on low-traffic terms.

Good for advertisers who are most interested in getting customers to their website.

Target return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) 

bids more where Google Ads estimates ads are more likely to lead to a sale — aiming to get as much return on ad spend as possible.

Good for advertisers who know the exact value of each conversion to their business.

Ad conversions

Automated bidding strategies designed to generate conversions include Enhanced cost per click (ECPC)Maximize conversions and Target cost per acquisition (CPA). We’ll dive into each of these in the following section.

Good for advertisers looking to drive conversions.

Which automated conversion bidding type is right for you?

Enhanced cost per click (ECPC) is a semi-automated bid strategy which adjusts your bids to get you as many conversions as possible, within your determined budget. You set keyword bids and let Google Ads work its magic to improve your campaign’s performance.

Good for advertisers looking for an incremental increase in conversions while still retaining control over their keyword bids.

Maximize conversions bidding automatically sets bids at auction time to get you as much conversion volume as possible within your campaign’s budget.

Good for those with a fixed advertising budget already seeing at least 15 conversions and 15 clicks per month, who do not know how much they should be willing to pay for a conversion (in other words, they do not have a target CPA).

Target CPA automatically sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible at the target CPA you set (some conversions may cost more or less than your target). Target CPA does not operate within a set budget.

Good for advertisers who know how much they’re willing to pay for a conversion and prioritize maintaining a specific cost per conversion over driving conversion volume.