Set Up Google Network Display Ad

Written on 18/05/2020

Set Up Google Network Display Ad

Google Ads has a mainly two types of networks they are: Search network, Display network. search network allows us to place text ads on search engine result page. whereas Google display network place the ads in highly authoritative websites

Google display network campaign is an explicit advertising platform produced by Google on the internet today. There are so many great websites available on the internet where your potential customers might see your ad

Three questions to answer before You set up an ad

  • What do I offer? Yes! Be clear not just on what you’re selling, but your key selling points — why will customers want what you’re selling?
  • What do I want customers to do? Yes! Be clear on your primary goal — what actions do you want customers to take? 
  • Where will customers see me? Yes! Display or Search Network — or both with Search Network with Display Select? They each reach audiences differently — understand the difference and what best serves your objectives.


  • Step 1: Create the campaign
    Linda logs in, accesses the Campaign page, clicks on the + button, chooses Display Network, and names her campaign “Jackets”.
  • Step 2: Choose your marketing objective
    Linda knows her fashion company is fairly new and wants to build awareness. She chooses the marketing objective that will help her do that.
  • Step 3: Define the campaign
    1. Locations: Linda chooses to target London-based UK customers because she can easily deliver there.
    2. Language: She chooses English because her customers speak English.
    3. Bid strategy: Viewable cost per thousand (vCPM) has already been selected because it’s best suited for building awareness.
    4. Budget: Linda enters $100 per day.
    5. Linda clicks Save and continue.
  • Step 4: Target your ads
    Linda creates an ad group, which she titles “Puffy Jackets-UK”, enters aMax vCPM bid and landing page. Google Ads recommends the best targeting methods for her goals, which she accepts: Demographics and Interests & remarketing (affinity audiences). She chooses the female demographic and affinity audience fashionistas. She’s keeping it broad, ensuring a large audience reach.
  • Step 5: Create an Linda sets up three simple image ads showing readers exactly what she offers.
  • Step 6: Confirm
    Linda’s Display campaign is created! Now she can create additional ad groups to reach other customer segments or add a remarketing tag and target people who have visited previously.

Improve your ads

Display performance metrics for driving action

How effective are your Display ads at driving action? You can see for yourself in Google Ads by looking at a combination of conversions, view-through conversions, and conversion delays. If your ad views and clicks aren’t leading to results, it may be time to refresh your ads, targeting, landing page, or all three. If your goal is conversions you should use target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding to get more conversions for your budget. Let’s take a closer look at these metrics, and at target CPA bidding.

Display metrics for brand awareness 

There’s a large audience out there that’s willing to consider you, if only they knew you existed! This is why creating demand through brand awareness is key. How effective are your Display ads at increasing brand awareness? You can see for yourself in Google Ads reach and frequency metrics.