What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is to make projects and tasks for people or companies and they pay you for that without being their employee.

It’s like a professional writer can write many articles about many topics so people will hire him/her to write for their journal, magazine, or website. With freelancing work this writer can write for many companies, can accept the amount of work he wants to get.


Freelancers may work part-time or full-time. Some people prefer to work only as freelancers so they take many tasks and projects to make their living. And some people prefer to work as a freelancer part-time to have enough time for other job, studies, or personal life and they can switch from part-time to full-time or vice versa the time they want.

So, what is freelancing? Freelancing is one of the easiest, fastest, ways to start working at home. Freelancers go to freelancing websites like elance.com, guru.com and many others where people and companies post tasks and freelancers bid on completing the work in an open market.


Why to work as a freelancer?

  • Source of Money: Whatever you choose to make as the source of your living of a source for another extra income
  • More Choice: You can choose the companies and employers that you want to work for.
  • More Freedom: You don’t have any boss but yourself. No more unpaid duty No more uniforms or office politics.
  • Up to your Time: You take on more work when you’re able, or reduce the load when you need more personal time.
  • Mobility: You have the ability to work outside of your local area.
  • Employers Preference:The prefer hiring independent workers to get better work with lower cost

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What kind of tasks I can get paid for?

There are almost all sorts of tasks which are related to many different fields like marketing, writing, coding, searching, typing, data entry and even copy and past, there is a place for the experts, for the skillful, and for the beginners.


The most requested freelancing tasks:

  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Bookkeeping
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Entry
  • Translation
  • Data Entry
  • Website Development


How to start working as a freelancer?

  • Find your niche, the niche that you are good in
  • Build a strong profile with examples of your work
  • Find your targeted customers and offer them your services
  • Learn from your competitors
  • Start offering low rates then leverage


Where to find freelance and freelance word?

There are 100’s of websites where you can find freelance work, some of them are general and for all niches like Upwork  and Guru and some for specific niches like 99Designs and TopTal

Here is the list of top freelancing websites


How to hire good freelancers?

  • Check if they have the needed skills
  • Revise their portfolio to find the quality of their word
  • Check their rating and read reviews and feedback
  • Ask them if they can meet the project deadline

Hire freelancers or outsourcing company?

Hiring freelancers is good for short-term projects and tasks, but if you are looking for long term services you will need an outsourcing company. Marketing and SEO services are a good example of the services you need to outsource, because you will need these tasks continually. For example, developing a small script or filling database us a good task to freelance because they are done only once.