The online clothing store business is a mind boggling $80 billion annually and still growing with new entrants coming in with new stores and customers enticed to buy their requirements without pounding the streets. Customers could pick up great bargains and find clothing that they would otherwise pay much more at a store in the city. The online clothing store is a phenomenon that is growing in leaps and bounds which has entrenched itself into the psyche of many shoppers.


You could join the band wagon too and reap great financial benefits with a little dedication and innovativeness. You would need to choose in which niche market you would like to operate which would give you time to concentrate in it. It is imperative that you choose the right niche where you would have less competition and able to offer a wide variety of clothing to your customers.


You may also need to pick the right brands, the right quality to suit your market and customers. Don’t try to grope in every possible market which would spell disaster for you. Select the right niche and stick to it and improve on it.

The following seven (07) steps would provide you with the appropriate knowledge which would help you through your aspirations.


  1. Choose the right clothing niche

Give much thought and select the right niche that you would be comfortable in. you should have some interest in it or create the interest within you. Ensure that the niche you select has buying power and is able to satisfy your business interests.

The clothing that you would choose should appeal to your niche market and should create awareness among them to ensure you reap benefits. Identify your clientele and drive home your image to create awareness within them. Once you know what your market segment needs it would be easier to select the type of clothing that you could offer them.


  1. Select the right product range

Once you have selected the niche market it would be easier to select the right product mix. You could concentrate on a particular range of products which would specifically endear to your selected clientele.

Offer them the best and they would look forward to every new range that you would introduce. Ensure you keep your clientele in expectation anxiously wanting to see, what you have to offer, hence bring in good quality clothing with reputed brand names.


  1. Choose the appropriate business model

There are four basic clothing store business models and it would be necessary that you select the most appropriate that would work effectively for you. You could either choose Print on demand, Custom cut and store, Private label, or Dropshipping clothing store business models.

Each one of them has their own advantages and selecting the best that would suit your niche has to be taken into serious consideration. Study each of them thoroughly which would give you an idea of how each of them work and once you know which suits you then select it as your reach to your customers.


  1. Draw up an effective business plan

Once you have the above three then draw up your dedicated business plan. This should take into consideration all relevant aspects to ensure you meet the requirements of the market.

Segment your customers within the market that you have chosen which would make it easier for you to target each of them and ensure your strategies are effective. Take your product mix highlighting what you have to offer and ensure they are acceptable to your market. Take on your competition and closely study what their strategies are and built counter measures to neutralize them.

Take your brands and product mix effectively to the segment you have chosen and ensure that you keep a close watch on how they react to every product in the range. This would allow you to withdraw what is not accepted and add on new products.

Ensure you get the right pricing for your products taking into consideration your costs and overheads. A mark up of around 30 to 50% would be what you should be aiming at.


  1. Create the online clothing store

This is the most important part of your operation and would need prudent thought. The ecommerce site that you select which could be any one like Shopify, WordPress or any other, which would be already a force to reckon with on the online platform.

Your website should be user friendly which would enable your customers to find it fast and engage with you. There must be a specialty tag attached to it.


  1. Launch your online clothing store

Launching your online clothing store has to be effective which would generate unprecedented interest among and within your selected niche market. Your website should be easily recognizable and should be the talk of the town with everyone wanting to be a part of the action.

This could be achieved if you strike the right chord among your clientele from the first day onwards which would linger on for long enough to enable you to target them in the second phase of your marketing strategy.


  1. Bring traffic to your store

Plan and strategize an effective SEO strategy which would be continuous to bring results in the short, medium and long term. Your online clothing store should be found quickly and on the first page of any search engine and that would need a dedicated SEO strategy.

Utilize every social media and ensure you are omnipresent which would provide you optimum exposure which would keep your customers looking into you at every twist and turn. They should be always finding your website on every medium which would provide you ample strategic exposure.

The more you are seen the better it is for your online clothing store business and would give you the impetus to keep yourself and your customers on their toes at all times and bring success to you.

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