Social Media Marketing Strategy

Written on 01/06/2020

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Goals

  1. Increase brand awareness — Follower count for your social profiles, reach of your social media posts, mentions, shares, and retweets
  2. Drive traffic to your website — Referral traffic from social media, the share of overall traffic, the bounce rate of social media traffic, and clicks on your social media posts
  3. Generate new leads — New leads collected through social media, downloads of your gated content, clicks on your lead-gen social media posts, and conversion rate of leads from social media
  4. Grow revenue — Signups, sales revenue, or revenue from social ads
  5. Boost brand engagement — Likes, shares, comments per post, mentions, and replies
  6. Build a community around your business — Number of posts, likes, and comments for Facebook groups. The number of participants and tweets per participant for Twitter chats. Number of daily active users for Slack communities
  7. Increase mentions in the press — Potential reach, shares and mentions, influencers talking about your content, and number of people reaching out to ask about industry-related questions
  8. Research and learn about your customers — Number of conversations with customers on social media, suggestions or feedback, and product/content improvements made from those suggestions

Metric Goals and KPIs

Brand Awareness

  2. Reach

Brand Engagement



  1. Website Traffic
  2. Sales
  3. Leads

Social Media Networks

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. YouTube
  6. Pinterest
  7. Google +


  1. Sharing blogs posts and website pages to all channels
  2. Sharing Amusing contents like quotes to all channels
  3. Curating posts to all channels
  4. Reply and track mentions
  5. Follow back new followers Twitter and Instagram
  6. Follow new followers Twitter and Instagram
  7. Analyze competitors’ strategies
  8. Paid Ad insights and refinement
  9. Update Social Media Strategy
  10. Refine Content Strategy