LinkedIn Marketing

Written on 01/06/2020

LinkedIn Marketing
  • 70% on LinkedIn make %70 or more
  • 80% of B2B marketing leads that come from social media come from LinkedIn
  • 92% of B2B Marketers use LinkedIn over other social media platforms
  • CPC is $5-$8,  high quality lead, good if you sell something for $1000’s
  • You need to be tracking

Targeting using LinkedIn is the most effective


  1. right rails three sponsored ads on the top right
  2. Promoted content
  3. Spenser email
  4. Standard text ad


You need a very good ad because it’s really expensive

LinkedIn’s Advertising Cost & Bid Types

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Auction

Learn How To Create LinkedIn Ads | LinkedIn Ads Tutorial

Place Ads

Create an account

  1. Click on work on the upper menu
  2. Click on Advertise
  3. Click on Create account
  4. Add your Credit Card

Create Campaign

  1. Create campaign groups, add total budget ex: Company Marketing
  2. Create Campaign ex: Product Marketing
  3. Create ads ex: Product in a certain market awareness

Creating Ads

  1. click on campaign
  2. choose objective awareness, consideration, or generation
  3. Choose Audience, ad type, budget
  4. Choose posts or create a new ad

Add User

  1. In campaign manger click on the gear icon top right
  2. Click on Manage access
  3. Click on edit
  4. Click on Add user
  5. Add profile link

Mine is

our account number is 503360244