Top 10 Prospecting By Google

Written on 16/05/2020

Top 10 Prospecting By Google

Tip #1: Prospect every day

Top reps spend some time every day setting meetings for potential new business. For a salesperson, prospecting is like weightlifting for an Olympic sprinter. He gets medals and attention from winning races, but without that time in the gym, his performance would suffer. Make prospecting part of your daily sales fitness routine.

Tip #2: Be and sound confident

People buy from confident people. Keeping a full pipeline will help you feel confident, but also make sure you sound confident, especially in the phrasing you use.

Tip #3: Sell meetings, not products

Avoid talking too much about your products and services. Impress your prospect with insight, not obscure terminology and industry lingo. Prospecting is successful when your contact agrees to a short meeting. During the meeting, you can learn more about them and gain more of their trust.

Tip #4: Focus on them

Your prospects want to hear about how you can solve their business problems. The quicker you get to the point, the better! Practice explaining your services in a way that quickly gets to the benefits. Some people call this type of positioning statement a “hook.” The hook shown here isn’t very effective. Before we continue with your list of best practices, let’s try to improve it.

  • Evidence of success
  • Proof of relevance
  • Why it works
  • Benefit to them

Tip #5: Have your voicemail ready

Imagine you’ve made a call, but your contact doesn’t pick up. Should you get frustrated? Not at all! You can still connect in a meaningful way with a customized voicemail that’s short and relevant. (This is a good time to put your “hook” to use.) Even if they don’t call you back, your message might get them closer to saying “yes” to a meeting the next time you call.

Tip #6: Use voicemail and email together

While you don’t want to pester your prospects with dozens of messages, sending a single email in addition to your voicemail can make it easier for clients to get back to you.

Tip #7: Ask for referrals

Many representatives get the majority of their new leads from referrals. Yet there aren’t that many representatives who spend a meaningful amount of time seeking referrals from their happy clients.

Referrals are often the most pre-qualified leads you get, and the most likely to buy.

Tip #8: Keep score

Usually, the first step in improving something is to start measuring it. The best Google representatives track their numbers so they can keep themselves accountable to their goals. They typically track a variety of metrics such as dials, contacts, leads, and more.

Tip #9: Make it fun

If you’re prospecting every day like you should be, it might start feeling a bit repetitive. Plus, it’s hard work. The best sales representatives find ways to keep it interesting and to reward themselves for putting in the time.

Tip #10: Be enthusiastic

Rarely will prospects be as excited about a product or service as you are. After all, if they knew what you could do for them, they would have called you!

Don’t hesitate to let your enthusiasm show in the little details: The tone of your voice, how quickly you speak, what words you use.