Sales Machine

Written on 16/05/2020

Sales Machine

Sales Machine Methodology

Mindset → Building Rapport → Setting Expectations → Uncovering Pain → Budget → Decision → Predestination and Close →  Locking In

1. Mindset

You need to feel good about yourself, you offer services better than what they have and you are going to help them

2. Building Rapport

Rapport: Building a human connection with someone and making them feel comfortable

People buy emotionally and
justify their decision logically

  •  You must feel comfortable with yourself & other people  and They must feel comfortable with you


  • Pitch – the tone
  • Pace – the speed
  • Volume

People feel comfortable with other
people who act and look like themselves

3. Setting Expectations

  • Making clear what will happen during the meeting and making an agreement about what will happen next
  • Make sure the main points of interest are covered for both sides

I’ll take a yes or no, but
I’ll never take a maybe


DIQ Formula Example:

• D – I noticed a lot of cafes in the LA area have been using Instagram to promote their business
• I – And it seems like they’re getting a lot of foot traffic and generating more revenue because of it
• Q – I was curious to know what were your strategies around Instagram marketing

Ask questions to uncover the pain

Surface Pain:

• What do you mean by…
• Can you be a little more specific?
• What’s an example of that?
• Have you tried anything to solve this?

Business Pain:

• Why do you think that didn’t work?
• How much do you think it’s costing you?
• Has anyone at your company tried anything else?
• What happens if you do nothing?

Personal Pain:

• How does that make you feel?
• Does this directly affect you?
• Are you going to give up?
• How do you think I can help you?
• This seems like a huge problem, why haven’t anyone solved this yet?

Four Techniques for Active Listening

1) I understand (most effective)

  • I understand what you’re saying
  • That makes sense
  • That’s not unusual

2) Parroting – repeat their words exactly

3) Rephrasing – rephrase and send back to them

4) Feeding Feedback

  • Capture prospects emotion in your mind as you listen
  • Feed their emotional back to them later
  • Example: Sounds like you’re a little frustrated with…


Countering is when you answer a question with another question

Example Counters Question

• How important is that to you?
• Is that a big concern?
• If we can help you, what would be the next step?
• It seems this is really important to you, can you explain why?
• And what would you like me to do?
• When you say you’re not satisfied with our service, what do you exactly mean by that?

Softening Statement Combined with Counters

• That’s a good question. Can you explain why this is important to you?
• That makes sense. And why is this so important to you?
• I’m glad you asked that. Let’s say we can deliver this to you in 2 weeks, what would be the next step from here?
• I appreciate your question. If you were me, what would you do?
• I understand. If we could do that for you, what would be the next step?

Handling a Positive Prospect

ProspectYour Response
I’ll buy it right now! How fast can you get this to me?Hey I’m not sure we’ll be able to deliver this so quickly.
What’s your time frame.
I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. It looks amazing!I’m honestly a bit surprised. I didn’t think we were there yet.
How did you get to that conclusion?

Handling a Neutral Prospect

ProspectYour Response
• Let me think about this.Sounds like we might have missed something
I’m not sure if this is what we’re looking for.Seems like we’re both wasting our time here, huh?

Handling a Negative Prospect

Prospect Your Response
We already have a distributor.I’m sure they do a great job and you probably would never
consider another distributor.
We’ve had a terrible experience with you and your
Looks like there’s nothing we can do to get you to love us
again. I guess we’re both wasting our time here.

Always go negative. Let the prospect close themselves.

You’ll know when its closed when they tell you

6. Let them feel OK

  • That they are better than others
  • Do not use any term they might not understand
  • use words, please help me to understand
  • let them feel they are the experts